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If your student will be attending a participating school as a new student in the 2020-2021 school year, this page is for you.

AZTO allows kindergarten and transfer students to begin participating in the tax credit programs up to one-year prior to their K-12 attendance at a participating Christian School. Please understand the below details and your responsibility to complete an application for the coming school year.

2020-2021 Kindergarten and Transfer Students

If your student will be attending K-12 program as a full-time student at a participating Christian School next school year, your student may participate in AZTO’s program now.

  • For kindergarten students, the child must be age 5 by January 1st of their kindergarten school year.
  • Credit Eligibility:
    • All kindergarten students are eligible for both the Original and PLUS/Overflow credit programs.
    • Most transfer students should be eligible for both the Original and PLUS/Overflow Credit Programs if coming from an Arizona Public or Charter School.   Please see the PLUS/Overflow Eligibility Criteria.  You will also need to substantiate your student’s public/charter school attendance with the Public School Verification Form.
  • AZTO’s 2020-2021 Application becomes available on March 18th.  Please apply for your student in the spring.
  • Once your student’s application has been approved by AZTO’s board, your Student Portal will reflect registration status and credit eligibility for the current school year.
  • A donor may then make a recommended donation on behalf of your student up to one year prior to the student’s attendance in a K-12 program at the new partner school.
  • As AZTO receives tax credit contributions recommending your student, the pending award will be held at AZTO for your student’s 2020-2021 school year.
  • Once AZTO’s board has approved the recommended award, it will be issued to your student’s school at the first award cycle for your their 2020-2021 school year.  Your student must have an approved 2020-2021 AZTO Application on file.  Then, the award is typically issued in July.
  • See How it Works for more details.

2020-2021 Applicant Guide

2020-2021 Applicant Guide for Pre-K Students