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Here at Arizona Tuition Organization (AZTO), our mission is simple, to make Christian Education affordable and accessible so that participating students can impact the world.

AZTO is a state certified School Tuition Organization (STO) that focuses on supporting Christian Education in Arizona.

  • Through Arizona’s Private School Tuition Tax Credit Program, AZTO has issued over $25 Million in tuition awards to students attending our partner schools.
  • Brett and Lara Roehr started AZTO in 2004 and have been advocates for school choice in Arizona.
  • AZTO currently partners with seven Christian Schools in Arizona.  We intentionally keep our partner school list short in order to provide quality personal service to our schools and participating families.
  • AZTO uniquely offers seven award cycles throughout the school year.
  • Arizona statute allows each STO to retain 10% of all donations for administrative fees.  AZTO has always operated with fiscal oversight and responsibility.  We issue a minimum of 92% of all donations received.

AZTO’s Team

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Brett Roehr, President:

In 2003, Brett initially thought of the idea of AZTO while serving on the finance board at Northwest Christian School. The school was not getting the service it needed and deserved. Brett leads the AZTO Board of Directors. He actively defends and promotes the tax credit program in Arizona. In addition to his responsibilities at AZTO, Brett is the Chief Credit Officer for Christian Investor’s Financial. In that capacity, he supports the growth of healthy churches across the country. Brett loves the outdoors and camping with his family. His current hobby is investigating college options for his children. “If only there was a tax credit program for college tuition,” is often heard under his breath.

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Lara Roehr, Executive Director:

Lara leads the day to day operation of AZTO.   One of her greatest joys at AZTO is knowing so many of the students, parents, donors, and school representatives by name as their relationship with AZTO is long term.  If you ever have a question about the program, give her a call or send a quick email.  Communication is her priority.  As a mother of three teenagers, she understands the value of a Christian Education.   Lara is a breast cancer survivor and leads a cancer support group.  Lara holds an Optometry degree, although inactive.  She loves to hike the trails of Prescott and a good cup of chai tea.


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Jennifer Kuebler, Office Administrator:

Jennifer is your main contact for application and award questions. You may find her blurry eyed when processing the avalanche of donations in December and April. She also interfaces with AZTO’s partner schools regarding student awards and enrollment questions. Jennifer understands the importance of a Christian Education; she has been involved with Christian Education at the administrative level and in the classroom as a teacher for over 10 years. Jennifer is a wife and mother of three active children. She can be found tending her amazing garden and reading a good book.